Accounting and Book-Keeping

An Overview

Every business micro, small, medium or large needs to maintain books of records and accounts. It gives many benefits and financial visibilities to business owners and stakeholders Book Keeping is process of maintaining the records of day-to-day transactions – sales, purchases, expenses, etc. Accounting is the interpretation, analysis, or reporting of such day-to-day records to provide financial visibility.

Key benefits:

  • Better and detailed records availability
  • Readily available records for reporting
  • Faster completion of financial accounting
  • Helps in being compliant
  • Visibility to business owner, investors, banks and government
  • Better forecasting and planning
  • Helps in getting funds & investors

STARTR can help all business in bookkeeping and accounting at an affordable professional fee. Ourexperts will

  • Basic Financial Consultation
  • Seek regular inputs on sales, purchase, expenses, and documents
  • Create financial statements and documents
  • Filing of Income Tax Return
  • Regular follow-ups in ensuring compliance

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